PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR:  Prof O. A. Enikuomehin                              

Dr A. R. Popoola
Dr O. R. Pitan
Dr A. Afolabi
Dr O. O. Odeyemi
Dr O. S. Adebayo

PROJECT SUMMARY: Tomato (Lycopersicon Lycopersicum Mill) is an important vegetable crop grown commercially in many places all over the world. Very few agricultural products lend themselves to as many uses as Tomato; therefore its importance cannot be over-emphasised.
In spite of the vast uses and potentials of the crop, its production is constrained globally by pests and diseases. Generally, the type of pests is similar under the same climate but variations in cropping systems like mono-cropping create opportunities for some species to thrive over others.  The indiscriminate use of insecticides and other inorganic mode of controlling them could lead to the development of resistance health concern.
The project is therefore among other things set to Identify high yielding, wilt and fruit worm resistant tomato varieties through selection, determine the zonal distribution of races of fungal wilt pathogen based on molecular techniques, identify the germplasm containing resistant and susceptible genes to wilt using molecular marker techniques and evaluate the effect of synthetic and botanical pesticides at different rates and organic compost in an integrated management system on Tomato production.
The project ultimately will develop a technological package consisting of resistant variety, suitable agronomic, pest and diseases management practices for improved Tomato production in Nigeria.