Among others, the library offers the following services: Reference, Serials, Bibliographic, Borrowing, Reserve Book Room, Inter-Library Loan etc.

  1. Reference Service: Reference queries are handled by the Reference Librarian as long as the library opens.
  2. Serials: The serial room housing journals and other ephemeral collection is open only to lecturers, final year students and those undergraduates referred to specific journals by their lecturers. Researchers from other institutions may also use it on request.
  3. Bibliographic Services: At present, Bibliographic Services are also offered. The library provides current awareness services by publishing
    • Index to Agric. News and Articles in Selected Nigerian Newspapers and Magazines.
    • Cataloque of Serials Received in Library.
    • Current Contents of Periodical Recently Received by the Library.

  4. Borrowing Services: Each student is entitled to borrow 4 books for 2 weeks while lecturers are entitled to 10 books for 4 weeks each.
  5. Reserve Book Service: Books in high demand or those with few copies are shelved in this section of the library. Also, those recommended by the lecturers to be put on reserve are also held there. These books can only be consulted within this section of the library. Before books are released, students are expected to submit their identity cards to the staff on duty at the desk. These cards are returned when the book consulted is returned and checked by the staff.
  6. Inter-Library Loan Services: As part of inter-library cooperation, some books may be borrowed from other University libraries on inter-library loan on behalf of our library users. These books may be released to the user who requested for them.